Our Community

As far as we know, Aristotle was the first person to formulate basic principles of social influence and persuasion. He was the first to make the observation that man is a social animal. What does that mean? I am sure it means many things to many people.

As far as we are concerned, it means that our business associates have become friends and that we also do business with friends who live, work and play in our community. It also means a company which does business in any community should acknowledge the simple observation that its success is directly related to the success of that community and that it should support that community as it has been supported by them.

We give back because there is more to life than business and because we are all social animals. Description of pictures: 1. Committed to Kids & Community. 2. Foamite Cutters win Vaughan Men's League.

Sleep in Natural and Custom Comfort

At Foamite we cared about our community and the environment long before it was popular to do so. We care about the environment and the people who use our foam products or sleep on our mattresses.

Rest your body in natural goodness by trading in your traditional bedding for an environmentally friendly custom mattress that was made just for you and your partner.

Until recently, the majority of bedding was made with polyurethane foam that was derived from petrochemicals. Some imports even contained formaldehyde, PBDEs and other harsh chemicals that have been linked to numerous health problems.

For the past 30 years we have focused on delivering eco-friendly options and we have travelled the world to find the best comfort ingredients used in making mattresses.

Help to preserve the environment and your back by sleeping on the right firmness and on the most natural and smartest comfort ingredients. They are made in Canada and if they are not available here we will bring them to you from all over the World.

Don't buy a mattress anywhere else until you have completed a sleep analysis at Foamite. You will learn how a mattress is made from the inside out and how to make it more comfortable and supportive for a very long time.

Foamite Team Creed

I will always remember when
you and I were friends
the games we used to play
the things we used to say.
I will always recognize you
by the colours we once wore
when we passed through life together
we laughed, we played, we scored.
No one could take the credit
for what we all achieved
it could be anything
if only we believed.
We once flew like Eagles
with our spirits free
with hard work and persistence
we hailed victory!
1. Singing Santas bring joy to needy.
2. Woodbridge Strikers in Foamite hats.
3. Red Roosters cook for less fortunate.
4. Remember when you and I were friends.