Our History

1988 - In the Beginning

We decided to start business in Vaughan, the city above Toronto.
It was close to our suppliers and trade customers - furniture manufacturers, upholstery shops and mattress makers that needed foam for their finished products.

1991 - Production

We focused on great customer service and doing things right the first time.
Foam orders were delivered in 2 to 3 days. At the time, the industry average for delivery was 2 to 3 weeks. We offered faster service at a better price.

1993 - The Evolution

At our first Home Show, we introduced a line of High Resiliency foam rubber mattresses after realizing that none of the mattress makers were using the best grades of foam available. It was the start of our mattress business.

1996 - Increased Production

We doubled in size to accommodate our fast growing Foam and Mattress Division. We also added more trucks and ventured into a new and exciting technology called the world wide web. This introduced us to customers from coast to coast.

1998 - The Gold Standard

Others used lower density polyurethane foam to put in their mattresses. We chose longer lasting Gold High Resiliency foam and offered mattresses to the public at a lower factory direct price. Our philosophy was and still is "better quality, for less".

2000 - Sustainability

We switched to water-based adhesives for foam fabrication. We recycle all our foam scrap into many other comfort applications. In 1994 we eliminated PBDEs, which are harmful chemicals and substances, that were used in the manufacturing of foam.

2003 - Be the Best

The Foamite Cutters Baseball team wins the Vaughan Men's League comprised of 25 teams. We have a passion to be the best that we can be, no matter what we do! Being the best, at a lower price, was the only market that was not crowded.

2004 - Toronto's Best Foam Store

Foam Rubber Sales sold foam and mattresses on the Danforth since 1954. They were a customer of ours. When the owner retired we bought the business and converted it into a Foamite Factory Store.

2005 - More Growth

As word got out, we were no longer "The City's Best Kept Secret" for better sleep and comfort products. Our new factory and showroom is three times larger than our previous facility. We moved in during the summer of 2005.

2008 - Eco-friendly Green Foam

In our 20th year we introduced Koosh Natural to Canada. Koosh is the World's First Soy-based High Resiliency foam. It is the best new natural comfort option for commercial use in high end mattresses. It is for those who prefer the very best.

2012 - Smart iFoam

It is intelligent foam that is made with micro-capsules. iFoam cools you when you are hot, it contains silver ions that deter bed bugs and it smells like chamomile. It is exclusively available at Foamite, for those who prefer the latest in comfort technology.

2014 - Swiss Quality. Made Here.

In our 25th year, we introduced the Swiss Sensal mattress. It is made just for you and your partner using the best and most natural comfort ingredients from Switzerland and Europe. A modern mattress for people that prefer the best sleep possible.

2016 - Real Comfort

There is a big difference between the imitation of comfort that they will sell you at a mattress store and the Real Comfort that you can buy from Foamite at a great Factory Direct price. Come in and get Comfortable, for real!

2018 - 30 Years of Comfort

If you want to sleep better or sit on something more comfortable, we have the solutions that you need to succeed. We can give you custom natural comfort, that's guaranteed to last, at a great factory direct price. Come in and get comfortable!

2019 - Online Store

The Foamite Danforth Store closed due to problems caused by COVID-19. In its place we opened our Online Store (SHOP NOW) for Custom Cut Foam and Mattresses. The Online Store not only serves the Greater Toronto Area but all of North America.

2020 - Essential Manufacturing

At the start of Covid-19, we became an essential supplier for foam used in masks, mattresses, toppers and many other safety and comfort products that were required by essential frontline workers. We are an Essential Manufacturing Business.

2021 - Reduced Shipping Costs & New Opportunities

By using our new Compression and Roll Pack machine we can compress larger pieces of foam and custom mattresses into a much smaller box. This keeps shipping costs down and allows us to economically ship to customers all over North America.

2022 - Introduced The Simon Adjustable Mattress

Simon is a Lifetime Mattress that is made with sustainable materials that are everlasting, adjustable, and replaceable. At any time, you can adjust the layers to make your mattress feel softer or firmer. You can also replace a layer and continue with a same mattress.

2023 - Happy 35th Anniversary!

You have enabled us to grow. You have encouraged us to do a better job and for this we are deeply grateful. We will always do our best to justify your faith in us and in our ability to supply you. Thank you for the opportunity, we greatly appreciate it.