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Vaughan Factory Showroom

Foamite manufactures quality foam products for the furniture, bedding, automotive and packaging industries. We stock over 45 grades of flexible polyurethane foam that can be cut, shaped and fabricated to the exact specifications that you require.

We also have a dream to supply you with the best and most comfortable mattresses made with the best grades of foam from all over the world. Our new Swiss Sensal mattress is made just for you with the latest and best comfort ingredients found in all of North America and Europe.

These ingredients include: Koosh Natural foam, intelligent iFoam, NeoGel, Organic scented covers with Swiss wool quilting, breathable 3D borders, European styling and mattress constructions that will give you the best air circulation, comfort, support and durability.

You can buy the least expensive or the best custom mattress at a great factory direct price.

Want to sleep better or sit on something more comfortable?
Foamite gives you the solutions that you need to succeed.


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