How to Buy the Right Pillow to Help Maintain Support

A good pillow is essential for good sleep. It should keep the neck and spine in its natural alignment. A “bad pillow” may not cause any health problems, but it could worsen problems that already exist, like: headaches, neck pain, shoulder or arm numbness, and even sneezing and wheezing. If you suffer from any of the above, or if your pillow is more than two years old, it’s probably time to buy a new one.


Buying The Perfect Pillow

Here is what you should know before you buy your next pillow:

1) Filler Material
If you suffer from allergies, always check the packaging for contents. Most pillows are made with polyester fiber or polyurethane foams some are hypoallergenic. Most foam pillows are made with petro-chemicals that may off-gas. The off-gassing is the cause of numerous health problems. Foamite pillows are made in Canada. They are non-allergenic and made with a variety of natural foam grades such as the Original All Natural Latex Rubber and our soy-based Koosh Natural which is certified pure.

2) Size
Pillows come in all kinds of sizes. Even those that are labelled as Queen can vary in size. While most people use the size of their bed to determine what size pillow to buy, it’s also important to consider your head and shoulder size. What length, width, and thickness is most appropriate for your shape? Your neck naturally curves forward in order to support the weight of your head, and it’s best to maintain that same curve while your body is in its resting position. Pillows that are too high when you’re sleeping sideways or on your back can cause your neck to bend abnormally. This will result in muscle strain in your neck and shoulders. Since we are the factory we can adjust the size of the pillow height to fit you properly. Don’t just buy what’s on the shelf, buy what we can make for you.

3) Preferred
If you sleep on your back, you need a pillow that isn’t too firm or too high. Remember – when sleeping, your neck should be supported, while your head stays level with your upper back and spine. Are you a side sleeper? Then you need a pillow that melds to the shape of your neck and keeps your head high enough to keep your spine aligned. For stomach-sleepers, slim pillows can be used for under the head, and a flat pillow under the hips may also help.

in_pillowThe average head weighs 9.5 to 11 lbs., you need a material that will support it throughout the night while you are asleep without losing its shape or collapsing. Foamite pillows are ideally suited for this purpose, being soft, supportive and gently resilient. They do not lose their shape during the night whereas the average fibre pillow, after a short period of time, is not properly supportive and tends to collapse and easily flatten.

Foamite offers a range of luxury memory foam and foam rubber pillows to suit a variety of individual comfort needs. Whatever your personal preference, don’t be shy to try out all our pillows in our showroom.

When you buy a new mattress make sure you look at replacing your pillow too. They work together as a system to maintain proper spine alignment from your neck down.


R.C. (Bob) Dimas

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